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Solace and Solid Ground

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Solace and Solid Ground

At a time when most people place print journalism in quicksand and news about mass shootings and hurricanes weighs down hearts, it is an incredible honor and challenge to be the editor of Hanover Magazine.

Since the publication launched two years ago, it has been my solace.

Whether I am welcomed into your homes for an interview, or I’m mingling at community events for Faces and Places, I am constantly reminded of both the hope and the needs of the community. Debra Smith, the magazine’s Person of the Year for 2017, represents the goodness unfolding in Hanover.

I am also keenly aware of how one magazine, one story, one photo, even one sentence can touch readers — or put them to sleep.

I hope Hanover Magazine is solace for you — a go-to read to learn about people in the community, places to explore, ways to relax, ways to live meaningful lives.

Marjory Abrams, chief content officer for Bottom Line Publications, once noted in The Huffington Post that “there’s something about the experience of flipping through a print publication that you can’t easily duplicate when reading content online.”

“Online, people go in search of the information they are looking for,” she adds. “Have a question? Just ask Google and it finds the answer (too many answers!) for you. Of course, we sometimes stray from the site with the answer, but we go on the path we select — from link to link of interesting-sounding headlines. There’s so much that we won’t ever see this way.”

Abrams cherishes serendipity. By flipping from page to page in a print publication, we “peek at every headline. Things we didn’t know we wanted to know catch our eye … inform us … sometimes change our lives.”

Hanover Magazine’s infinite mission is to provide well-reported, well-written stories and tidbits that reward your serendipitous flip of every page.

We hope you grab the magazine when you want to know where to eat, where to shop, or what to cook for the holiday party. We hope you’ll find stories with enough complexity and wonder that you want to sink into them during hunks of your free time.

And we hope you will share your feedback about the magazine and share story ideas you would like our reporters to explore. (email your ideas to readerswrite@hanovermagazine.com)

Thank you for letting Hanover Magazine share your stories.

Print journalism in quicksand? No.

We hope to remain well-rooted in the Hanover community.

Amazing Peace,

Lisa Moody Breslin