Take Time to Remember

As part of the Liberation of New Oxford event in September, ten WWII veterans were recognized for their service and treated as guests of honor. Two veterans who live in New Oxford couldn’t attend because of their health, but the commemorative re-enactment (that included a USO dance in the New Oxford Borough Hall) was one of many powerful ways to better understand the risks, the losses and the triumphs associated with defending the freedom of others.

On Dec. 17, hundreds of volunteers are expected to gather at Mt. Olivet Cemetery to honor veterans and lay wreaths on the graves of veterans buried there.

On November 11, Veterans Day, take a moment to remember and, when possible, thank those who risked their lives to our freedom. For veterans who are deceased, as they will at Mt. Olivet, say their names. Remember.

Raise the American flag, enjoy a cookout with family and friends, and/or watch a patriotic program on television.

Take time to remember.

To all veterans and their loved ones who read Hanover Magazine – thank you. From all of us who create this publication – thank you.

Go Ask Gale

At the risk of dating my young self, take a minute to roll your thoughts back to the Charles M. Schulz’ beloved Peanuts cartoon – specifically, Lucy in her advice guru roll.

For a nickel, from her makeshift “Psychiatric” booth, she’d dish out horrible (and horribly funny) advice and then end it with the verbal, sarcastic punctuation, “Five cents please.”

For decades, twin sisters Ann Landers and Abigail (Dear Abby) Van Buren dished out unabashed advice about every topic imaginable: working mothers, Viagra, gun control, the Vietnam war, marriage, divorce, drug abuse, love, loyalty… the list goes on.

The Washington Post has Carolyn Hax. The New York Times offers Well-Mannered, “Wedding etiquette advice from Peggy Post” and Social Q’s, “lighthearted advice about awkward social situations.” Slate features Mallory Ortberg’s wisdom in Dear Prudence (in a variety of formats), and now….

Hanover Magazine unveils Go Ask Gale, an advice column authored by Gale Davidson.

Gale has the life experiences, wit, respect and wisdom needed to offer advice about vexing family, personal or professional problems. She will counsel, direct, guide and recommend. She will offer tips and all kinds of assurances about being on track or completely off the rails.

Soon you will discover, there is only one Gale Davidson.

What she writes represents her own personal beliefs – not mine, not the publishers or any member of the Hanover Magazine team. In fact, Gale is not someone who has ever worked for Hanover Magazine or Kohn Creative. Until now.

Hopefully her words will be a compass when life, love, or work toss your sense of reason to sea.

Amazing Peace,
Lisa Moody Breslin



Author: HM

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